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These terms and conditions of use of the GRDO website apply to each visitor to the website. If you access the grdo.ie website, you automatically accept the terms of use and all terms and conditions described in this document.

GRDO intellectual property 

All content on the website is the intellectual property of GRDO.IE. Everything written on the site is produced by real people without the use of third-party programs or neural networks and is under copyright protection. In case of theft or borrowing of content: 

  1. The violator will face a monetary penalty in accordance with the Copyright and Related Rights Act IE098
  2. All damages caused to the website and its owners by stealing content will be compensated 100% by the offender. 
  3. In case of serious infringements, the infringer will be prosecuted. 

Complaints about online casinos 

Project GRDO does not perform Alternative Dispute Resolution functions. We work as a catalog of online casinos, aggregator of bonuses and special offers, news and educational resource. However, we do accept player complaints and even help people resolve the issue in their favor. To do so: 

  1. Write us an e-mail with details about your specific situation: [email protected]
  2. Be sure to make a request to the online casino, and attach the support response in your message to us. 
  3. Contact specialized sites for gamblers: AffPapa, AskGamblers, AffiliateGuardDog and duplicate your review of the casino, so that the representatives of the project can think about the correctness of their actions.

Protecting children from gambling

Gambling is legal from the age of 18, in some jurisdictions from the ages of 21 and 24. Our site is not for children, so we recommend that you refrain from using our project with minors. 

If you are using a gambling device with children, please set up parental controls. We are not responsible because we cannot completely shut down children’s access to our site from our end.

Links to GRDO: citations and references

It is strictly forbidden to refer to our project in a negative way, to discredit the work of experts without grounds and to try to besmirch our reputation. For any manifestations of unfounded negativity we have the right to request a monetary fine and compensation for moral and reputational damage to the project. 

If you borrow part of the text or the whole article from our site, you must indicate GRDO.IE as the original source and put an active link to our site.

Outbound links

The editors, owners of the site or people involved in its creation are not responsible for project mentions and links that are placed outside the GRDO.ie website.

Any links from malicious sites or sites with forbidden content, as well as any other types of dangerous links cannot be completely eliminated by the site owners. Therefore, we assume no responsibility for the appearance of such links on the site. In turn, the editorial staff undertakes to make every effort to exclude the presence of such links.

Accuracy of bonuses

We are not responsible for any inaccuracies or changes in the online casino bonus policies that are presented on our site. Online casinos do this without warning, so sometimes bonus information may not be up to date. 

For its part, the GRDO team makes every effort to ensure that the information on the site was 100% up to date. We regularly check all published materials, supplement them with new information, check bonuses and current offers for relevance, and remove outdated content.

The editorial team undertakes to work in accordance with Irish laws, not to use prohibited methods of promotion, to exclude references to illegal projects, and to protect players from scam projects.

Changes in the Terms of Use

GRDO team has the right to change the current text of Terms and Conditions, modernize the document, add or delete some clauses at any time. The current date of updating the document is always at the top of this page. 

Therefore, we recommend that you regularly visit the Terms and Conditions page to find out about any updates. Ignorance of the rules of use of the site does not release the visitor from responsibility. If you do not agree with the current Terms and Conditions, please leave the site immediately and stop any followings of GRDO on social media. You have every right to do so. 

Please visit this page regularly to keep up to date with updates and to use the GRDO.IE website comfortably and beneficially.

All texts and reviews belong to GRDO LTD. When copying information, a link to the original source is obligatory.
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