Membership criteria for GRDO

GRDO is the Irish National Alliance supporting people with Genetic & Rare Disorders. We welcome membership from any non-profit support organisation who advocate on behalf of people affected with genetic & rare disorders.

There are three levels of membership

  1. Organisation member – a non-profit Irish support organisation
  2. Associate member – non-profit support organisation based outside of Ireland
  3. Individual member – an individual without a support group who is dealing with a genetic & rare disorder

Patient organisations:
  • Representing one or more genetic & rare disorder (defined by EU prevalence 5/10,000)
  • Registered or located in Ireland
  • With a majority of people affected by or dealing with a genetic & rare disorder on its Board of Directors
  • Focusing on patient support and/or advocacy and/or research activities
  • Holding not for profit status

Organisations that do not comply with all of the above criteria can apply for associate membership or individual membership

Benefits of becoming a member

Be part of an organisation that supports its member organisations to raise awareness of genetic & rare disorders and issues.

Join a community of organisations across Ireland supporting those living with genetic & rare disorders.

GRDO will provide support and information to member organisations

Use GRDO website to disseminate information about your organisation and activities. Be listed on GRDO website with a direct link to your organisations website

GRDO keeps member organisations up to date with the strategy for genetic & rare disorders by providing information and support to individuals and support groups that are affected by genetic & rare disorders.

GRDO aims to educate, raise awareness, advocate and empower people affected by genetic & rare disorders.

How to Apply for Membership

To apply for membership, simply complete and return the membership application form (download form) with the following documents:

  • Status of your organisation
  • The names of your Board of Directors
  • Your most recent Annual Report, if applicable
  • A short description of your main activities and goals

The application is reviewed by GRDO Board of Directors. After the review, which takes approximately 4 weeks, you will be notified in writing of the decision regarding membership in GRDO. We sincerely appreciate your interest in becoming a member of GRDO and joining together with us as part of our membership community to work on behalf of patients with genetic & rare disorders.

GRDO reserves the right to deny membership or to discontinue membership of any organization found to be out of conformance with GRDO’s membership policy.

What we need from you?

Pay the annual membership fee (see below for details)

Key contact person for correspondence

Keep us informed of changes in your organisation’s charity status and activities and send us your annual reports

Membership fees

Membership fees are based on your organisations previous year’s budget as follows:

Budget in Euros Fees in Euros
Less than 100,000 50
Between 100,000 and 500,000
Between 500,000 and 1,000,000 250
More than 1,000,000 500

Associate membership fees are independent of your organisation’s budget.
Associate membership fee 25 euros

Who to contact?

Information & Development Officer, Genetic and Rare Disease Organisation (GRDO)
C/O Fighting Blindness, 3rd Floor, 7 Ely Place, Dublin 2
Email: Tel: / 0035386 0229262

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